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Revolutionising The Digital Photo Frame 

Many of us have digital photo frames at home, sitting on top of the desk or mantlepiece, slowly sliding through photos of our loved ones or last year’s holiday. But be honest, after a week or so, how often do you even look at it? It quite literally becomes part of the furniture. The EO1 – designed by New York based startup, Electric Objects– doesn’t just become part of the furniture; it insists that the vast multitude of stunning artwork available on the internet (via a high-definition, integrated computer screen) becomes a constantly-evolving part of your home.

It is no secret that there is now far more art on the Internet than could be kept in any gallery on Earth, and Electric Objects were determined to find an innovative, affordable, and stylish way of bringing all that art into our homes. Away from the smart phones, tablets, and computers, which allow us to do exactly that (whilst, at the same time, doing a thousand things other things, meaning that we never really get to focus on anything), Electric Objects sought to combine a digital photo frame with a computer screen, without all the hassle of alerts or notifications, and the result was the ultra sleek, energy-efficient EO1.

Having already surpassed their Kickstarter pledge of $25,000 (almost 10 times over) with a whole month to go, there’s no rush to jump on the bandwagon for fear of this excellent project not coming to fruition. However, if you’d like to get your hands on your own piece of Electric Objects’ magic, there are rewards starting from a conservative $25 all the way up to a monstrous $4,999, so there are plenty of reasons to join the digital frame revolution.

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